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Matrix Theory

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This course is given by the Department of Mathematics LTH (the LTH course code is FMAN70). Students enrolled in the Bachelor´s or Master´s Programme in Mathematics at the Faculty of Science can take this course as an optional course within the programme.

To be eligible for the course, at least 67.5 higher education credits in mathematics and numerical analysis are required, including the courses MATB22 Linear Algebra 2, 7.5 credits, NUMA01 Computational Programming with Python, 7.5 credits and one of the courses MATB13 Discrete Mathematics 7.5 credits and MATB24 Linear Analysis 7.5 hp, or equivalent.

'The major aim of the course is to convey knowledge about and familiarity with the use of concepts and methods from matrix theory and linear algebra, which are important in applications within many subjects in technology, science and economy. In addition, the course should develop the student's ability in general to assimilate and communicate mathematical theory and to solve problems. Furthermore, the course should strengthen the student's theoretical ability in mathematical programming.

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NF Code: MATC70
Level:Upper Basic Level