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Bachelor's Degree Project, Numerical Analysis

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The student chooses, in consultation with supervisors and examiner, an independent examination assignment comprising 15 credits. The assignment can either be linked to current scientific projects in numerical analysis at the Department of Mathematics or to problems within the subject area at companies or other departments within or outside the university. If the work is carried out outside the department, an internal supervisor should also be assigned.

The Degree Project requires a literature survey and specialised studies. The project can include implementation of numerical methods in a computer program as well as numerical experiments. Furthermore, a number of compulsory activities can be included, in the form of teaching sessions and seminars that treat e.g. scientific writing in English and Swedish, popular writing, academic honesty and the use of library resources.The work should correspond to ten weeks of full-time studies. During the span of the project, usually one semester, the department should appoint a supervisor. If the work is carried out under supervision outside the department, the department should appoint an extra supervisor.

At the beginning of the course, the student and the supervisor should make a written work plan containing a description of the assignment and a timeline. The work plan should be submitted to the course coordinator as documentation for registration.

A progress report can be prepared, after for example half the planned working hours.

The work is presented in the form of a project report in English or Swedish, with a popular scientific description in Swedish or English. The work is also presented orally in English or Swedish, at a public seminar for discussion, criticism and analysis. Before the presentation the student should together with the supervisors review the work based on the expected learning outcomes in this course syllabus and/or in the Higher Education Act for Bachelor's degree.

Entry requirements:

For admission to the course, general entry requirements and knowledge equivalent to 90 higher education credits in mathematics are required. These should include 22.5 credits in numerical analysis corresponding to the courses NUMA01 Computational Programming with Python, 7.5 credits, NUMA41 Numerical Analysis, Basic Course, 7.5 credits, and NUMA11 Numerical Linear Algebra, 7.5 credits.

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NF Code: NUMK11
Level:Upper Basic Level