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Advanced Course in Numerical Algorithms with Python/SciPy

Official Course Description


An overall goal of the course is to provide the students with an algorithm-oriented complement to the more basic and special courses in numerical analysis that are focused on method analysis. Based on the student's previously acquired knowledge in numerical analysis, the course also intends to practice such skills that have special importance in professional life. In the course, the focus is on the view that a program is a tool developed in a longer process and in a group and which will later be used by others. The course emphasizes the connection between mathematical theory, complex computational algorithms and modern programming language.

The course treats:

  • Object-oriented programming style for scientific computing. Scipy/Numpy data structures.
  • Examples of complex numerical algorithms from different fields within numerical analysis.
  • Coupling to numerical libraries in C and Fortran (Netlib).
  • Automatic tests in scientific computing. The use of Python to control system processes.

Entry requirements

Admission to the course requires 90 higher education credits in mathematics and science, including knowledge equivalent to NUMA01 Computational Programming with Python, 7.5 credits, and an additional 7.5 credits in numerical analysis.

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Course Information

NF Code: NUMN21
Level:Advanced Level