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Ordinary Differential Equations I


  • The hand-in assignment can now be found below. The deadline is October 13.

  • The solutions/answers to the exercises in the handout on the matrix exponential and the preparation exercises for the lab session can now be found below.

  • The exam from 2014-08-18 can be found under Exercises below and the one from 2013-10-30 under Previous exams. We will discuss these on Tuesday Oct 28.

  • There will be an extra written exam on January 7, 2015, 9.00-14.00. Please contact Erik Wahlén (erik.wahlen[at] by December 23 if you wish to attend it.

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Course Program

  • Lectures: Mondays and Thursdays, 13.15-15.00, room 309 A

    Seminars: Tuesdays, 10.15-12.00, room 228

    The first week there will only be an introductory meeting on Monday, September 1, 15.15, Aula C, and a lecture on Wednesday, September 3, 15.15-17.00, room 309 A. The introductory meeting is for all courses on levels C, M and P. There will be no seminar the first week.

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  • Uniqueness

    Here is a short uniqueness proof for the Laplace transform. The proof is not required for the oral exam.

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Previous exams

2015-10-29 Exam Solutions
2014-11-19 Exam Solutions
2014-11-03 Exam Solutions
2013-11-13 Exam Solutions
2013-10-30 Exam Solutions

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2014-09-01, 17:15

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