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Ordinary Differential Equations I


  • October 8: There were some errors in Programme 3, which I have now corrected (the room numbers).

  • October 12: The lecture on Monday Oct 12 is cancelled due to an anonymous threat to the university. There will be an extra lecture on Tuesday Oct 13 at 10.15 in room 332A instead.

  • October 19: I've made some clarifications in the review questions about the questions marked with a star.

  • October 21: I've added some remarks in the lecture notes for Oct 19. There is an incorrect statement concerning power series solutions on p. 201 of Ahmad and Ambrosetti, which is corrected in the lecture notes.

    I've also uploaded an electronic copy of the formula sheet which you will have access to at the written exam. It will be distributed at the exam - don't bring your own copy!

  • Nov 2: The results of the exam (Oct 29) can now be found on the notice board on the ground floor of the math building.

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  • Uniqueness

    This is a short proof of the uniqueness of the Laplace transform. This is not required reading.

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