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Linear and Combinatorial Optimization

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This course previously had the code FMA240.

In technology, science and economy linear and combinatorial optimisations problems appear more and more often. The most well known example is linear programming, where the so called simplex method has been of utmost importance in industry since it was invented in the middle of the 20th century. Other important problems, e.g. for effective data processing, contain discrete variables, for example integers. In connection with this, combinatorial methods have grown in importance. The aim of the course is to make the students aware of problems in linear and combinatorial optimisation which are important in the applications, and to give them knowledge about mathematical methods for their solution. The aim is also to make the students develop their ability in problem solving, with and without the use of a computer.

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PHD Code: FMA240F
Level:Upper Basic Level


CEQ - Linear and Combinatorial Optimization