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Machine Learning

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Send all course correspondence (but not the assignments!) to the above email not to our personal emails (will not be able to answer) - Please, use this address only sparingly for exceptional communication -- best use MoodleAssessment.

Course content: Compulsory assignments including computer work and written reports. Approved results on these are enough to pass the course. For those who wish a higher grade there will be a written exam on January 9th 14.00-18.00 at Victoria stadium 1C-D.

Throughout the course Moodle ( will be used to post lecture slides and assignments. Moodle will also be used for grading and feedback.

Getting started with Moodle

Create an account in Moodle at providing your full name as stated in Ladok. Enter your first, last and any middle names as stated in LADOK. Get access to the course by navigating to (Moodlepages Autumn 2017>Machine Learning 2017). If you do not yet have access to the course on Moodle please email the course-email, inculding the name and email adress that you inculed in your Moodle account in the email.

All lecture notes and assignments will posted on Moodle only. Nothing will be posted on this website.

For a quick tutorial on how to use Moodle please refer to and for typical problems please take a look at

Note: The number of spots in the course is limited. You must attend the first lecture and have a spot on the course according to LADOK to participate in the course.

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Autumn, second half