Mathematical Sciences

Lund University

Bachelor's Degree Project in Mathematical Statistics

Official Course Description


For admission to the course, general entry requirements and knowledge equivalent to the courses:

MATA21 Analysis in One Variable 15 hp, MATA22 Linear Algebra 1 7.5 hp, MATA23 Foundations of Algebra 7.5 hp, NUMA01 Computational Programming with Python 7.5 hp, MATB21 Analysis in Several Variables 1 7.5 hp, MATB22 Linear algebra 2 7.5 hp, MATB23 Analysis in Several Variables 2 7.5 hp,

At least one of the courses:

MATB13 Discrete mathematics 7.5 hp, MATB16 Linear analysis 7.5 hp.

Additionally the courses MASA01 Mathematical statistics, basic course, 15 hp; MASC01 Probability theory, 7.5 hp; as well as 15 hp additional credits in Mathematical statistics are required.

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