Lund University


  • FMAN20 for undergraduate students at engineerin faculty (LTH),
  • MATC20 for undergraduate students at science faculty (N) and
  • FMA171F for PhD students (of any faculty).
  • Number of credits: 7.5.
  • The course is given once a year in the first period after the summer.
  • Four home assignments - required for pass.
  • You can work on the assignments on your own, in groups. Try to help each other as much as possible. But each student hands in his/her own assignment and each student is responsible for understanding his/her solution.
  • There will be supervision available for the hand-in assignments.
  • Textbook (available online): Szeliski, Computer Vision - Algorithms and Applications, Springer.
  • Textbook (optional): Forsyth & Ponce, Computer Vision - A Modern Approach, Pearson Education, ISBN 0-13-191193-7.
  • Home exam (for higher grade than pass) can be picked up at the study office for Mathematics, 5th floor in the Maths building, from 25 October to 2 November during office hours. It should be handed in within 72 hours of pickup at the study office or as email to
  • Extra exercise Tuesday Oct 23, 10-12 in MH:227 and 15-17 in MH:227 and MH:230
  • Final date for sending in corrections to assignments is Dec 21
  • There will be an opportunity again to send in unfinished assignments during the exam period Apr 22 - May 4 2019


Old home exam
Lecture 1 (slides)
Lecture 2 (slides)
Lecture 3 (slides)
Lecture 4 (slides)
Lecture 5 (slides)
Lecture 6 (slides)
Lecture 7 (slides)
Lecture 8 (slides)
Lecture 9 (slides)
Lecture 10 (slides)
Lecture 11 (slides)
Lecture 12 (slides)
Guest lecture medical image analysis (slides)
Guest lecture spatial statistics (slides)
Guest lecture computer vision (slides)
Guest lecture computer vision (notes)
Course Program
Assignment 1
Assignment 1 - data
Assignment 2
Assignment 2 - data
Assignment 3
Assignment 3 - data
Assignment 4