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  • Programme 2 has been updated and Programme 3 (which is the last programme) is now available (May 3).

    I've corrected some minor errors in "Fourier methods and distributions". The most important change is in section 3.6 (which however will not be discussed in the course). Evans' definition of fractional Sobolev spaces isn't appropriate if one wants to allow for negative values of s, so I've changed the definition slightly. Other than that, I've only corrected misprints. (May 9)

    The solutions to all of the exercises in "Fourier methods and distributions" are now available on the homepage. (May 18)

    You can now find a list of formulas which you will get at the written exam on the homepage. I have also uploaded a summary of the course. Note that you will not get a list of questions for the oral exam, but the summary should hopefully give you enough guidance. Also, we will not discuss old exams. If you have read the sections in the literature which were included in the course and done the exercises in the programme you should be very well prepared for the written exam. (May 22)

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