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Distance exams during Spring 2020 due to Covid19

Examination for courses in Mathematical Statistics all examination will be distance based. Information and details will be sent out to all students that have registered in advance and on the course webpages. It is therefore extra important that you register for the exams.

Upcoming exams in Mathematical statistics

Anmälan alla tentamenstillfällen via Studentportalen.
Advance registration for all exams at the Student portal.

Mer information på svenska. Observera att det även gäller studenter på naturvetenskaplig fakultet på Matematisk statistik!

More information in English. Note that it also applies to students at the Faculty of science at Mathematical statistics!

All exams on LTH (FMSxxx) and all Science faculty (MASxxx) courses taught jointly

LTH exam schedule

Science faculty courses not in the schedule generator

See the course homepage for exams.

  • MASA01 Mathematical statistics, basic course, 15hp
  • MASC02 Inference theory, 7.5hp
  • MASB11 Biostatistisk grundkurs, 7.5hp

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