Mathematical Sciences

Lund University

Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis comprising 30 higher education credits can be done in mathematics (course code MATM01) or in the field of numerical analysis (course code NUMM11). The thesis consists of an independent task related to current research in mathematics or a computational task related to the current numerical research. The task is selected in consultation with a supervisor.

  The work shall be reported both in writing in the form of a project report and orally at a seminar.

  The reports are published on paper in the department's report series and digitally by the University.

Finished Master's Theses

  • Berezin transforms of Fourier multipliers as shift operator expansions for Hilbert spaces of analytic functions in the unit disc
  • On a weighted Laplace differential operator for the unit disc.
  • Operator identities for standard weighted Bergman shift and Toeplitz operators
  • On vector-valued holomorphic functions
  • Classes of biharmonic polynomials and annihilating differential operators
  • A calculation of limits of L1 means for some weighted Poisson kernels in the unit disc
  • On some Bergman shift operators
  • Tensor Product Decomposition in Lie Algebra Representation Theory
  • L1-estimates of some weighted Poisson kernels in the unit disc
  • Extension of the statistics behind a multivariate calibration method
  • Poisson's integral formula for a strongly weighted Laplacian in the unit disc
  • Harmonic morphisms on homogeneous Hadamard manifolds
  • The Mathieu groups
  • Möbius invariance and duality
  • Pseudospektrum för operatorer
  • Pseudo-hermitian Laplace Operators on Star-graphs, Real Spectrum and Self-adjointness
  • Matematik - ingen åskådarsport, Ett annorlunda kursmaterial för gymnasiekursen Diskret matematik
  • Fredholms metod applicerad på Dirichlets och Neumanns problem
  • Hecke Algebras and Representations of Finite Groups of Lie Type
  • Gröbner Bases and Public Key Cryptography, Polly Cracker-Type Cryptosystems
  • A Fully Automated Segmentation of Knee Bones and Cartilage Using Shape Context and Active Shape Models
  • Topics in harmonic function theory"
  • The Rogers-Ramanujan Identities and their Generalizations
  • An implementation of adaptive multistep parametric methods
  • Simultaneous Reconstruction of Respiratoy and Cardiac Motion from MRI's