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  • Title: Coherence and cross-spectral analysis for understanding the relations between sound and the ‘listening’ brain
  • Short description:

    We are remarkably good at focusing on only one talker in a scene consisting of multiple, spatially separated talkers, also known as the cocktail-party scenario. However, our knowledge of the brain’s ability in these situations is very limited. More knowledge could lead to a breakthrough for the next-generation hearing aids to have the ability to be cognitively controlled.
    In this project, we touch on this challenge in terms of trying to determine where in the time- and frequency domain there is correlation between the sound and the brain response. Coherence and cross-spectral analysis of the sound and the brain responses should be investigated using different techniques, to find such relations.
    There are two different available datasets. The first dataset contains multichannel electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings of 30 subjects, instructed to attend to one sound source, on either the left or right side during the entire experiment. The second dataset contains similar recordings of 30 subjects, instructed to switch their attention from one sound source to another during the experiment. The project is performed in close collaboration with Eriksholm Research Centre, Oticon A/S, Denmark.

    Prerequisites: FMSF10/MASC04, (FMS051/MASM17), FMSN35/MASM26

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  • Contact: Maria Sandsten