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  • Titel: Suppression of interference in time-frequency representations using penalty functions
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    In the sense of energy concentration the Wigner-Ville distribution the most optimal time-frequency representation of a signal. The problem with the Wigner-Ville distribution is that it suffers heavily from interference in the form of cross-terms. The distribution can be filtered by a kernel to supress the cross-terms, however this often also smooths the auto-terms, resulting in loss of resolution.
    In this project the connection between the Wigner-Ville distribution and the multitaper spectrogram is used to design penalty functions that suppress cross-terms. The aim is to keep the resolution of the Wigner-Ville distribution, but still suppressing interference in an effective way. This approach can be applied to many different non-stationary signals, depending on how the penalty kernels are designed.
    Prerequisites: FMSF10/MASC04, FMSN35/MASM26

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  • Kontaktperson: Maria Sandsten