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  • Titel: Wavelet denoising of non-stationary signals before calculation of the reassigned spectrogram
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    For non-stationary signals the readability of the spectrogram can be improved by reassigning mass to the centre of gravity, thus increasing the concentration and improving the time-frequency localisation of signal components. The reassignment of noisy signals can however result in erroneous peaks and biased reassignment.
    This project investigates if reducing noise in signals using the discrete wavelet transform before calculating the reassigned spectrogram can yield better time-frequency representations. The discrete wavelet transform is a popular method for denoising signals, but the effects of doing so before reassignment has not been evaluated. In the project different wavelets and thresholding techniques can investigated.
    Prerequisites: FMSF10/MASC04, FMSN35/MASM26

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  • Kontaktperson: Maria Sandsten