Lund University

Matematik LTH

  • Dynamiska Borel–Cantelli-lemmata
  • Syftet med detta projekt är att studera så kallade dynamiska Borel–Cantelli-lemmata och deras tillämpningar.
  • Reconstruction of 3D structure and situational awareness by fusing image sequences with lidar data
  • ABB Crane systems today apply a great number of cameras that capture projections of the three dimensional surrounding to the container cranes under operation. LIDAR data is also being collected in several cases. Fusing these two measurement modalities would possibly yield an aggregate data that would benefit from both the strong point of the information rich camera image and the robust depth estimate of the LIDAR. One way of fusing such data would be to formulate a model representation that could be updated with the measurement of the image and lidar frame as they become available. The suggested theme for this master thesis work is to investigate the details of such reconstruction.

Matematisk Statistik

  • Analysis of diagnostics and usage data from watch and application for Kronaby watches
  • Find watch anomalies: * Bad connectivity and high power consumption causes customer dissatisfaction. Instead of the customer contacting us can we proactively find watches malfunctioning? * Investigate if we can find watches deviating in connectivity and battery usage. Categorize users: * There are different kind of users e.g. early adapters, traditional watch users, active users. * To better support our customers can we get more understanding of how a user is using the watch? * Can also give us insights about our customers about future features and products. * Divide the populations into different categories based on usage. Watch SW (Firmware) quality * Different release have different quality i.e. stability, connectivity, power consumption. How can we by using watch analytics data quantify and measure the quality? * Quantify the quality for different firmware releases, on primarily internal users, before releasing to customers.
  • Unbiased pitch detection in entomological lidar
  • The world leading group in laser remote sensing located at Lund University collects hundreds of thousands insect observation per day from airborne insects using entomological lidar measurements. The measurements, where the signals are of time-varying character and suffer from the influence of varying noise and other disturbances, are used for classification of species, sex and age groups. Exploitation relies on robust estimation of the parameters of the time-varying signals and especially the fundamental tone. In this master thesis we suggest an investigation of a novel technique, matched reassignment, which is a mathematical method that relies on the phase of the Fourier transform to reassign the power of the spectrogram. The method has been shown to outperform other time-frequency techniques and it gives accurate estimates of the time- as well as the frequency locations. Supervisors: Maria Sandsten,; Mikkel Brydegaard and Samuel Jansson, Dept. Physics. Prerequisites: FMSF10/MASC04, FMSN35/MASM26
  • Resistivity and time domain induced polarization (DCIP) measurements is a great tool for mapping properties of the subsurface. This master thesis project invloves analysis of existiving DCIP data to find suitable machine learning or signal processing apporaches to deal with non-stationary disturbances from trams and metro. Prerequisites: FMSF10/MASC04, (FMS051/MASM17), (FMSN35/MASM26)

Numerisk Analys